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Re-decorating or renovating a room

To redecorate or renovate a room, whether empty or furnished, we use the Re-design mode.

Gepetto will consider all the components and structure of the room and reinterpret them according to the chosen style. The result will be redefined according to the style, while retaining the broad outlines of the elements that structure and furnish the space, and (sometimes) taking the liberty of modifying the structure a little (doors, windows, openings).

Adjusting creativity

In re-decorate mode, you can adjust a creativity slider between 0 and 30.
This slider indicates the degree of AI intervention in the final result; the higher the slider, the more the image will resemble the style you've selected.
The lower the slider, the more closely the image will resemble the original.

For proper renovation and redecoration, we recommend a value between 15 and 20.

Preserve openings and exterior views

By default, in re-decorate mode, Gepetto will modify all the pixels in the image. To avoid modifying important elements such as the exterior view or an old fireplace, for example, we'll use the exclusion mask tool.

The exclusion mask is used to exclude areas from the final rendering.

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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