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Furnish an empty room

As its name suggests, the furnish mode lets you furnish rooms.
There are several ways to use the furnish mode:

1. On autopilot with Smart Staging

Smart Staging is an advanced AI that lets you furnish an empty room automatically.
Simply select your room type and style, and Gepetto will take care of the rest.

Only works on empty rooms

2. With the custom mask

With Gepetto, you also have the option of furnishing only certain areas of the room using the custom mask.
It's very important when designing the mask to leave some unmasked context around it so that Gepetto's AI can deal with the existing, if the surface of your mask is too large then the result will probably not respect the proportions or the existing of the room.

This solution can therefore be useful for mixed / multi-purpose rooms, as shown in the video below.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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