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Mix the modes together

Upscale HD can be the final step if the project is satisfactory. But you can also use your rendering as a reference model, either to see variations in the same style, or to remix it with another style.

Mix Furnishing and Re-design modes

If the rendering of an empty room in Furnish mode doesn't feel decorated enough, you can re-generate renderings in another mode. To do this, click on Continue with image, this time switching to Re-decorate mode, to add further decorative elements to your project (treatment of walls, furniture, ceilings and fixtures, openings...).

1: Empty room. 2: Furnished room (Haussmann) 3: Re-decorated room (from room 2)

Mix decluttering, re-design and furnish modes

It's not uncommon to have to make a fairly extensive treatment of an old, unfurnished and cluttered room. Such a room may need to be emptied, renovated and furnished all at once.

It's quite possible to proceed in several stages, first removing the clutter, then renovating the room and finally furnishing it.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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